Help Wanted: Consulting Services for Multimedia Platform Launch

Request for Consulting Services: To provide creative multi-media and communications support to staff
Please respond by: June 10, 2021
Engagement: 3-6 months (part-time and temporary)


The Fund for Women’s Equality (501c3) and our sister organization ERA Coalition (501c4) (FFWE/ERA) is seeking to hire a dynamic, creative experienced digital manager to assist in launching our new multi-media storytelling site: Equal Voice-Equal Future. You would work closely in collaboration with the Communications Director. Our mission is to amend the U.S. Constitution, to codify the 28th Amendment, and to implement equality—centering our efforts on Black, Native American, Alaskan Native, women and girls, transgender and gender expansive people of color.

We are seeking a consultant to support the development of a solid plan and launch for Equal Voice-Equal Future, someone who is creative and has worked in the nonprofit social justice space, and who has managed and coordinated many moving parts simultaneously in a rapidly changing environment.

Scope of Work

  • Create communications plan to roll out Equal Voice-Equal Future to new, diverse audiences
  • Identify Editorial Board members and coordinate relationships; co-create editorial guidelines
  • Create subscription and/or business model to increase readership
  • Generate outreach list for contributions and partnerships to curate stories for the media hub
  • Identify writers we could publish, and/or other online/written sources we can develop relationships with to publish or cross-promote their articles/multi-media posts etc.
  • Coordinate creation of the “ERA Beat” to tell stories of inequality and resistance
  • Hire diverse young writers to write stories critical not only of the mainstream culture and media, but of our own movement. Writers: cover ERA Beat
  • Manage consultant and freelance writers 
  • Assist in identifying a podcast production company, scope and production
  • Coordinate podcasting launch and future episode planning. We imagine launching the Equal Voice-Equal Future podcast with our CEO Carol Jenkins in Q3 or Q4. 

Email Rachel Pfeffer at with resume and letter of interest.

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