Our Big Campaign on Human Rights Day!

We are sending our best wishes today in celebration of Human Rights Day. We all know the powerful statement “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” that Hillary Clinton made way back in 1995 at the Beijing Conference on Women. Today we move the idea forward with our collaboration in the ‘First Women’ campaign announced today in … Continue reading Our Big Campaign on Human Rights Day!

ERA Petition Delivered to Senate — Thank You!

Our sincere thanks to every one of the thousands of you who signed our petition to the U.S. Senate. Yesterday we delivered the petition to the Senate Judiciary Committee–and today issued the statement below to urgently request consideration of the bill to remove the time limit on the ERA. We are committed to achieving equality, to publishing … Continue reading ERA Petition Delivered to Senate — Thank You!

VP Elect Harris, still not equal under the law

Without question women have made progress–and we celebrate our first Black and Asian American woman Vice President. While this is a historic first, VP Harris is unfortunately not equal to men in the Constitution. You can make a big impact in ending sex discrimination by supporting the ERA Coalition.

The ERA Coalition and our sister organization Fund for Women’s Equality, is a growing coalition of over 115 diverse organizations across the country, representing millions of people. We center our work on those most vulnerable to systemic sexism and racism: Black and Indigenous women, women of color, and all genders and gender expressions. We advocate in Congress, the courts, and the states to move the 28th Amendment forward. The ERA Amendment was passed by Congress in 1972; in 2020 Virginia became the 38th and final state needed to ratify. All conditions have been met to enshrine the 28th Amendment, but we have some important hurdles to overcome in 2021. We are very close to finally adding women into the Constitution.

Double your donation!

Please consider making a donation on or before Giving Day — Tuesday, December 1st. In honor of the proposed 28th Amendment, one of our donors has generously offered to match gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $28,000.

Some people have a bucket list; I have a “tombstone” list. It’s the things that I did in my life that I would want to be remembered for and carved on my tombstone for all to see. Similar to Rosa Parks’ epitaph which reads: “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement” Mine will include: Passed the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois. While my accomplishment is small compared to Ms. Parks’ bravery and leadership to be sure, the Equal Rights Amendment is the fight of today. We need your support to continue to fight to right the wrongs of the past when the Constitution intentionally left all women (including Black, Indigenous and women of color) unprotected by the law.