Giving Thanks

This morning we all got teary in the office when we read this note from a donor responding to our upcoming Gen Z town Hall:

I sent $48 representing the number of years I have been involved in this fight.

It brings tears to my eyes to know that Gen Z has taken up the banner and will see it through!

Continue your good work!

Sisterhood is powerful!

We are so grateful for the gift, the words, and the work.

In Memory of our Trans Sisters…

What a year 2020 has been.

I serve on the board of the ERA Coalition, a coalition big enough to include trans women of color who bear the brunt of our country’s misogyny, racism and transphobia. Today we mark the 21st International Day of Transgender Remembrance, the annual day we honor the memory of the transgender and gender-nonconforming people whose lives were viciously cut short due to anti-trans violence. This year, 34 people were killed, a record high, and the majority of whom were Black and Brown transgender women. This is heartbreaking. It needs to stop.

Make history with us

We will be delivering our petition to urge the Senate to vote on SJ Res 6, the bill to remove the time limit on the ERA, this Friday. This is your chance to stand with us and make history. We are nearly at our goal of 5,000 signatures; please help us meet and surpass to show the overwhelming support for an Equal Future!

Join our Election Debrief: Friday, November 6th

The votes are still being counted. It is an election with unprecedented participation and unimaginable meaning. How did equality fare in the vote? Join us Friday, November 6th at 12 Noon/ET for analysis. Speakers include Senator Ben Cardin, lead sponsor of SJ Res 6, removal of the time limit on the ERA bill in the Senate, and … Continue reading Join our Election Debrief: Friday, November 6th