On Tuesday, September 15th, the ERA Coalition is launching its Elect Equality election website –an online, interactive tool that will inform voters if their candidates are pro-ERA: eracoalition.org/electequality

We have researched the positions of candidates running for the 35 (of a total of 100) Senate seats, 435 House seats and candidates in the 8 (of a total of 12) unratified state legislatures that are up for election this year. Our site allows voters to enter their zip code to determine each candidate’s stance. And we’ve partnered with Vote411.org, a project of the League of Women Voters, to help them take the next step–registering and voting. 

The ERA Coalition believes the fate of the ERA could rest on this election–and we must vote for candidates who support equality. Elect Equality is a powerful tool to provide the resources to make this possible.

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The @ERACoalition is launching its #ElectEquality website today. The 2020 Election could determine the fate of the #ERA, check to see if your candidate supports #Equality! #ERANow eracoalition.org/electequality

It’s more important than ever to #ElectEquality. Want to know where your candidate stands? Check out the @ERACoalition new election website with info on which candidates are pro-#Equality and tools to prepare you for election day! eracoalition.org/electequality

Join us in committing to make sure we have a pro-#Equality Congress in 2021. With 435 seats up for election in the House and 35 in the Senate, the @ERACoalition #ElectEquality website makes finding where your candidates stand on #ERANow easy! eracoalition.org/electequality

12 states have yet to ratify the #ERANow, 8 of those have state elections this year that can make all the difference. Find out which candidates are pro-#Equality on the @ERACoalition’s new #ElectEquality website: eracoalition.org/electequality

Learn where your candidates stand on the #EqualRightsAmendment at eracoalition.org/electequality #ElectEquality