The Countdown: Let’s Get This Done.

We are just 5 days away from what is looking to be a historic vote in Virginia–when a wave of pro-ERA legislators could be elected, leading to a yes vote in early 2020 for Virginia to become the required 38th state to ratify the ERA. There is still time to take part in the action–go to and sign up to text or phone bank GOTV right up to Tuesday, November 5th.

All 50 States and 17 Countries Pulling for Virginia!

Those calendar pages are flying off into the air—November 5th and a vote in Virginia are straight ahead. Thanks to all who are participating in postcarding, phone and text banking. According to Kati Hornung at VARatifyERA.Org we now have people in all 50 states–and 17 countries–working to support Virginia as the 38th–and final state to ratify the ERA.