Equality Talks Podcast: Zakiya Thomas and the ERA Coalition Movement of Millions

“We are here to change the conversation. The launch of this podcast highlights a shift in the equality movement; we’re no longer being told our stories back to us, we’re telling them ourselves. And we’re lifting up the people and communities that are so often marginalized by misogyny, racism, classism, and bigotry in our society. We’re showcasing our movement of movements, representing millions, and advocating for equality for all people at all levels. And we won’t stop until we get there together.”

ERA Coalition Launches Podcast – Equality Talks: Amplifying a Movement of Millions for Equality

Today, the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality media hub, Equal Voices, announces the launch of the premiere episode of the podcast Equality Talks. Together with 290 partner organizations representing over 80 million champions for equality, the program uplifts and amplifies the voices of this movement, especially from communities most affected by systemic oppression and exclusion from mainstream media.   

The Equal Rights Amendment: a step towards addressing sexual assault in the military

The ERA could help address sexual assault in the military by guaranteeing equal protections under the law. Currently, the 14th Amendment prohibits discrimination based on race, but not on the basis of gender. By adding the ERA to the Constitution, the law would explicitly prohibit discrimination based on gender and create a legal foundation for equal protection.

The Model Minority Myth

The Model Minority Myth boils down to expectations. By focusing on particular indicators of “success”, positive stereotypes are seemingly created about Asian Americans. Think: hard workers who have succeeded at achieving the American Dream and have children studying to become lawyers, engineers, or doctors. It paints a picture that impacts how both Asian Americans and other minority groups move throughout the world.

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day – breaking the stigma & ending the epidemic

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, which takes place annually on May 18, is a day of recognition and appreciation for the collective work of researchers, healthcare experts, volunteers, and community participants who dedicate themselves to developing an effective HIV vaccine. This day also serves as a platform for enhancing public awareness of HIV-related issues, eradicating stereotypes and misinformation, and emphasizing the significance of research in preventive HIV vaccines.

Promoting Equality and Empowering Families: The Impact of the Equal Rights Amendment

By Velu Ochoa Raising a family is a rewarding yet demanding journey; in the United States, many families face numerous challenges that make the journey even more arduous. From financial struggles to inadequate social support systems, expensive child care, and a lack of family-friendly policies, the obstacles can feel overwhelming. Addressing these challenges is crucial … Continue reading Promoting Equality and Empowering Families: The Impact of the Equal Rights Amendment