Take a Stance on the #ERAnow!

We are in a serious countdown now–just 29 days until a critical election with equality on the ballot and our equal futures at stake.

Join us to demand that the ERA be a topic in the Vice Presidential Debate—use your social media power. We’ll be live tweeting ( @eracoalition ) the debate, join our conversation. Here are some sample posts!

Moving Forward to our Election

There will be many “distractions,” but we cannot afford to take our eyes off of November 3, 2020. When we wake up tomorrow morning, we will have exactly 37 days to prepare for the most consequential election in most of our lifetimes. The candidates we vote for must support gender and race equality.

This morning – watch RBG services with us

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dedicated her life to women’s equality under the law. We are on the precipice of adopting the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Getting this done could not be more urgent. Today we ask you to think about how you want to participate, how you want to make equality happen. How will you honor the legacy of Justice Ginsburg? How will you protect all the women and girls in your life?