ERA Coalition Alabama Press Release: December 18, 2019

For Immediate Release —

(December 18, 2019) New York, NY — The filing of a lawsuit by Alabama’s Attorney-General to stop the Equal Rights Amendment is a shameful effort to keep women from gaining Constitutional equality. 94% of Americans support the ERA – 99% of millennials who all believe that it is time to end second class citizenship for women who were intentionally left out of the Constitution more than two hundred years ago. Almost 100 years after women finally secured the right to vote, the campaign for the ERA is now nearing success with ratification by 37 of the 38 states required by the Constitution for an amendment’s ratification, as the lawsuit recognizes.

The Alabama lawsuit is a disgraceful exercise in fear mongering. It relies heavily on a case that was vacated by the Supreme Court and has no force of law. It fails to acknowledge that there is a bipartisan bill pending before Congress to remove the deadline. Alabama has filed this lawsuit to thwart the democratic process, and the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans to enshrine the fundamental right to sex equality in our Constitution. The Attorney General of Alabama has done a disservice to women, including the women of Alabama.

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About the ERA Coalition:

The ERA Coalition was founded in 2014 to bring concerted, organized action to the effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA Coalition has a sister organization, the Fund for Women’s Equality, which promotes public education and outreach on the need for constitutional equality. Comprised of nearly one hundred organizations across the country, the Coalition provides education and advocacy on Constitutional Equality.

Press Contact: Carol Jenkins

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