Learning More About Women’s Equality

If you still have a fire inside you to continue learning about feminism, women’s equality, and the vastness of womens experiences…well, join the club! We’re hooked! And we’re always learning.

Here are some podcasts and movies/documentaries you can check out on your journey, curated from sites like Mashable and Bustle just to name a few.


  • Unladylike – iHeartRadio
  • Encyclopedia Womannica – iHeartRadio
  • How to be a Girl – iHeartRadio
  • Feminist Book Club: The Podcast – SpotifyHistory Becomes Her – Spotify
  • Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan – iTunes
  • She Makes Money Moves – iHeartRadio
  • The Guilty Feminist – iHeartRadio
  • Dig – iHeartRadio
  • Secret Feminist Agenda – Spotify
  • There Are No Girls on the Internet – iHeartRadio
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You – iHeartRadio
  • Divided States of Women – Spotify
  • The History Chicks – Spotify
  • en(gender)ed – Spotify
  • She Who Persisted – Spotify

Movies & Documentaries

  • The Glorias
  • On the Basis of Sex
  • Unbelievable
  • Period. End of Sentence.
  • Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen
  • Knock Down the House
  • Breastmilk
  • Audrie & Daisy
  • Feminists: What Were They Thinking
  • In a World…
  • Dark Girls
  • She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
  • Miss Representation
  • The Invisible War
  • Going Allred
  • Frida

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