4th wave feminism, social media, and the fight for the ERA

The year 2012 marked the start of the fourth wave of feminism and brought with it the #MeToo movement and discussions surrounding rape culture, sexual harassment, and body shaming. Eight years into this new stage of feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was ratified by Virginia–the 38th and final state needed for inclusion of the amendment in the U.S. Constitution. Like the other three waves of feminism, the fourth wave has contributed uniquely to the evolution of the fight for the ERA.

Learning More About Women’s Equality

If you still have a fire inside you to continue learning about feminism, women’s equality, and the vastness of womens experiences…well, join the club! We’re hooked! And we’re always learning. Here are some podcasts and movies/documentaries you can check out on your journey, curated from sites like Mashable and Bustle just to name a few. … Continue reading Learning More About Women’s Equality