Hiring: Membership & Program Coordinator

The Fund for Women’s Equality and its sister organization the ERA Coalition seeks a dynamic, experienced Membership & Program Coordinator to support this national organization, which works to educate and build a diverse coalition fighting to publish the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and implement full sex equality under the law.

ERA Coalition Statement Praising the New York State Legislature for Passing Inclusive State Equal Rights Amendment

“Even as the basic human rights of discrimination protections and access to abortion are being eroded or openly repealed in states across the country, the New York state legislature took bold and decisive action to ensure everyone will be treated equally under the law in the Empire State. The ERA Coalition applauds the legislature for taking action on such critical issues at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Amending the NY State Constitution with an inclusive version of the Equal Rights Amendment should set the gold standard for equality across the nation.”

Are they coming for us next? How the Dobbs decision affects the LGBTQ community

Minutes after the leaked Dobbs decision and again this morning after the official SCOTUS decision was shared, I received texts and emails from clients and friends asking “are we next?” At first this took me back to the post-Prop 8 days, when we suffered a huge blow on the trajectory to gaining marriage rights and had no idea what was our immediate way forward. But this is much different. 

4th wave feminism, social media, and the fight for the ERA

The year 2012 marked the start of the fourth wave of feminism and brought with it the #MeToo movement and discussions surrounding rape culture, sexual harassment, and body shaming. Eight years into this new stage of feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was ratified by Virginia–the 38th and final state needed for inclusion of the amendment in the U.S. Constitution. Like the other three waves of feminism, the fourth wave has contributed uniquely to the evolution of the fight for the ERA.